In the early 1970´s  Peter Richter and his father Heinrich Richter of the Richter Werke GmbH came up with a compelling idea:


The production of prefabricated tufts by gluing portions of hairpieces.


At first they only produced tufts for cosmetic brushes, but over the years the procedure was applied to other brushes as well.


In the year 1976 Ha Cos, or rather the Harzer Cosmetik-Pinsel GmbH, was founded. Exactly 10 years later Ha Cos separated from the Richter Werke GmbH.


Particularly memorable was the advertising with the popular „The Tuft Maker“-motive. Today the production of prefabricated tufts „PRETUFT“ comprises cosmetic brushes, school painting brushes, artist brushes as well as technical brushes and painter brushes. Soon brush heads for school painting brushes and artist brushes, shaving brushes and special brushes followed.


In the year 2006 Wolf Nel, née Schluck, was made CEO of the company. After the retirement of Peter Richter Wolf Nel became a new partner in the Ha Cos GmbH.


Three decades of Ha Cos GmbH stand for a commitment and a duty to the clients, as well as cooperation with the best dressers and suppliers.


Three decades of “The Tuft Maker” make you think of Peter Richter, who found a market niche thanks to his commitment and his readiness to take risks.